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Working with Election Campaign Solutions (a Client Media Solutions company) has its advantages. Our team is thoroughly schooled in content technology, advertising campaigns, & design.

Need a quick decision acted upon?

Quick turnarounds for fundraising, events and campaigns.

Immediate requirements to manage perception?

We have the access to the tools and skillsets that get the job done.

Require a new resource to reach your campaign objective?

Versed in the latest solutions, we can provide the advice and implementation you need.

Have an urgent need to communicate to your audience or constituency?

With built-in engagement tools, we’re ready to serve.

Quick need to assess public opinion?

Our services include online data acquisition for quantitative and qualitative inputs. Polls and campaign research available. Our algo’s & partners scan recent items of interest in news and keyword searches.

Seeking attention for key issues?

Incorporating a broad array of tools & services, we can get your message out fast.

You’re Making the World a Better Place…

We’re here to make you shine!

Each project we accept is a journey into making a difference. Strong presentation is what you deserve. Partner with Election Media Services as we create, establish and maintain your digital presence.

Experience our energy, zeal, and creativity in reaching your target audience and constituency

We help articulate your campaign strategy into effective, winning digital media campaigns.

Design & Development

Communicative design: personal & organizational brand messaging. Quick turnarounds for fundraising, events and campaigns. Experience the powerful genius of our teamwork. You will peacefully be held in the experience of our competence. From the most technical ‘know how’ to the smallest detail, you’ll confidently smile while you experience the freedom to be in the present. Now that’s the way to consolidate your vision!


Digital voter/donor marketing email & social media campaigns. Focus on in-depth brand identity, recognition and recall. You’re in this for the long haul. While the world waits for your mission to be fully realized, you can rest in your confidence that ‘what it takes’ to get your message out in a clear, coherent, effective manner is actually happening. We offer marketing services that embrace feedback mechanisms, whereby the efficacy of your campaign is always being monitored. We would have it no other way. More importantly… YOU would have it no other way.


Press releases, media outreach, communications strategy and management. This boldly important aspect of your campaign(s) is key to success. At Election Campaign Services, we understand the urgent need to integrate the tools and services that bring you to your objective. Our staff and network is ready to catapult your vision to fruition. Come aboard and see what we can do for you. As a team we know, the action we take right now will make the difference for you tomorrow.

Public Opinion Research

Research and polling management that ask the right questions and provide data that is RELIABLE and ACCURATE. Utilize your current resources to their maximum potential, while adding new methods and proven techniques to get you the information you require. Determine if quantitative or qualitative data is necessary to move to the next step in your efforts. When you’re in need of actionable proof that your suppositions are correct, we’ve got you covered.

Voter Targeting

Targeting the right voters effectively to build a winning campaign plan. We assist you in determining, expanding, or eliminating non-effective targets. As your sit securely in your knowing that your campaign funds are being treated as perishable strategic assets, positive outcomes and intelligently designed efforts are being made.

Creative CopyWriting

Years of advertising and PR experience help you fine-tune your voice to build messaging that resonates with voters. Get copy that is cross enhanced with imagery, message, and method of delivery. Select from an array of styles, including; persuasive, descriptive, narrative, and expository. Blend them to your audience’s taste, while confidently knowing that our split-testing will indicate which method best creates the desired action. We also offer suggestion-based messaging based on the principles of neurolinguistic programming (NLP).


Fundraising partner and consultant, emphasizing the critical success factors for nonprofit fundraising. With a desire to improve the community, we offer persistence, skill and focus to help campaigns and organizations leverage philanthropic resources. We assist you in developing and executing strategic plans, as well as raising philanthropic funding through major gifts, grant writing, events and other fundraising mediums.

Ground Game

Maximize your boots on the ground campaign messaging. Get motivated grass roots ‘movers and shakers’ for your area. You deserve an integrated team, a force of volunteers that help you reach your goal. That’s why we assist you in setting up the most effective recruitment system to get those representatives hitting the street, and bringing the face to face connections where your community efforts are realized.

Partner with Election Campaign Solutions to create a unique digital experience.

Election Campaign Solutions created every aspect of our digital presence from logo design to messaging to campaign funding systems... all within an incredibly short time-frame.

Michelle Torpey, Glen Rock, NJ City Council

Our website needed an update to make it more appealing and easier o view on mobile devices. Election Campaign Solutions provided outstanding services.

Monty Gearhart, USVBA

Team work with knowledgeable, efficient partners is the key to delivering your message.

We look forward to making your objectives become reality.

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